Crafts and Creation,
fitting it in!
It is difficult with a busy life to not feel as though 'you are what you do'. You finish work, come home, make dinner, speak to your spouse and may put the children to bed, make your own dinner and watch tele with your meal shortly followed by bed. It may even be that you don't have time to make the children dinner.
You want to be super mum! or Super Wife/Partner! But here's the truth....noone is that person. To feel like that person, you need to feel that you are achieving and happy. Guess what? you are already achieving, working as hard as you do and doing your best! SO what is left? To feel HAPPY and PRODUCTIVE...and this is where I hope to help.
.I hope I will be able to give help and advice on time saving tips to help make your life more colourful. I know from personal experience that when I have craved to do something such as; paint a wall, I have thought...I can't (having low self esteem and a low amount of time).
Well You can!

My partner and I bought a house last year, and it needed a full revamp inside and out! 
At first I became disheartened that we couldn't get it completed right now! This week! We realised that we needed time for ourselves and, of course money. So bit by bit we are transforming each room and each project. Most importantly enjoying the time when we have it.